Stacey Rock – Managing Partner & President, Solvix Solutions

Stacey Rock is managing partner and president of Solvix Solutions, which “offers a broad range of technology products and services that cater to the public and private sectors. We hold partnerships with most premier technology manufacturers for software, computers, servers, printers and other accessories and supplies. We are partnered with the top technology wholesale distributors that provide us aggressive pricing and fast turnaround to meet any client’s needs so we can provide best value. One of our other services that we provide is sales as a service for other companies that are looking to increase their sales in their markets. We specialize in government contracting with writing GSA Schedule contract as well as managing and growing existing active GSA Contracts. We’ve supported a number of businesses that had under preforming contract revenue and helped them increase their activity substantially.”

Tell us about the early days of Solvix Solutions.

In 2015, Stacey Rock, a Marlton, New Jersey mother of four gave up her career as an executive assistant at a Fortune 500 company to venture out into the business world on her own. She never imagined the company she launched in 2015 would flourish so rapidly. However, a mere three years later, it landed spot #62 on the renowned Inc. 500 list for growth.

Born and raised in New Jersey, Stacey had a keen sense for fashion during her youth and dreamed of one day becoming a hairdresser for the stars.

At 13, she took her first job working at her mother’s restaurant, and by high school had advanced from waiting on tables. Stacey recalls, “I had learned how the business worked and how to prep and cook. This allowed me to help my mom run the restaurant so she could have a much needed day off.” The experience, says Stacey, “taught me the meaning of a good work ethic at a young age.”

By the time Stacey grew up, her childhood aspirations had changed. Now, with business management courses under her belt, she began her career working as an executive assistant for Fortune 500 companies. Stacey worked closely with top executives at CBS and Comcast where she learned from some of the best leaders in the business world.

Still, she craved something more and aspired to leave a legacy for her family. So she resolved to take the plunge. “Honestly,” she reveals, “when I decided to become an entrepreneur, it was more for me. There was nothing that made me want to become one. It’s scary going out on your own and leaving the comfort of your job. You are taking on more responsibility in work and the responsibility of others.”

Despite Stacey’s reservations, she was well-prepared. “In my previous experience, my bosses always gave me the opportunities to grow my role. I was pretty much independent and got to create new procedures and processes to help the departments. So when the opportunity presented itself, it was a no brainer to jump on it.”

That’s when Stacey’s woman-owned small business (WOSB), Solvix Solutions, was born. However, her new company’s beginnings hardly fit the glitz and glamour of styling hair for Hollywood stars she once dreamed of. Solvix Solutions, which was funded by an American Express credit card with a $5,000 limit, started in her garage.

However, within a few short months, the company showed real promise. That’s when Stacey’s husband, Anthony Rock, left his position to join her. From the beginning though, “he was always my biggest supporter,” reveals Stacey. “His belief in me gave me the courage to start.”

Despite its meager beginnings, Solvix Solutions is a remarkable success story. In 2015, its first year after launching, the annual company revenue was $750,000. By 2018, annual revenue reached $20,400,000. This year, says Stacey, “I am projecting around $22 million, so our growth is starting to slow down a bit. However, we have things in the pipeline that could make that number spike again.”

Stacey’s keen ability to think outside the box has contributed to the company’s success. “I’ve always been more ‘street’ smart and see things in a different light,” she admits. “I can see things from all angles, and this had helped to solve potential issues before they arose.”

Stacey’s creative thinking played a significant role in the development of her company, as well. Solvix Solutions provides top technology services and products to the US government and military. More recently, it has also entered the private sector providing solutions to large commercial companies. Solvix Solutions offers hardware solutions, ergonomic furniture, and other products at the best price.

There are other driving forces behind the company’s success as well. Stacey’s ability to understand and recognize the opportunity to disrupt the market has played a crucial role. Solvix Solutions purchases from the same suppliers and pays the same prices as large companies. The difference is Solvix Solutions doesn’t carry the overhead of big-box businesses. So the company has greater flexibility and can bring better value to its clients.

Equally important is Stacey’s emphasis on people, both customers and employees. “The key to my company’s success,” says Stacey, “is to treat every customer like they are our only customer and to keep our employees happy. We are a family run business, and we like to treat all our employees like family as well. We believe in always having integrity and doing the best possible thing for our employees, customers, and partners. Both Tony and I like to lead by example. I believe our values have rubbed off onto our employees, and our employees are what keep the customers happy and the company running smoothly.”

Their success is reflected in multiple awards and achievements. Stacey feels incredibly honored. However, she says, “I’m also very proud of my staff and husband. They have gone above and beyond my expectations and knocked it out of the park!”

Stacey was also honored by making CRN‘s (Computer Reseller News) 2019 Women of the Channel Industry’s Top 100 Women In Technology. This prestigious list includes executives from big corporations such as Microsoft, Xerox, and Dell, among others.

Solvix Solutions is ranked #43 in CRN‘s 2019 Fast Growth 150 for technology companies and was #139 on the 2019 Inc. 5000. The company also made CRN’s 2019 Tech Elite 250 as well as 2019 Solution Provider 500. In winning all three, Solvix Solutions also will likely be a CRN 2019 Triple Crown Award winner.

Last year, Solvix Solutions was awarded the #1 fastest growing company in the region in the Philadelphia Business Journal‘s Soaring 76. It has a high probability of winning again this year.

Stacey remembers, however, “When I first started, I figured we would be able to make a good living and would be a pretty small company. We are still small even though we have grown so fast. I pride myself on running lean and having everyone stay productive.” Despite her company’s tremendous success, Stacey reveals, “I never thought in my wildest dream the company would have come this far or grown as fast as it did.”

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