Jeff Grover – CEO & Co-Founder, SkyRocket Media

As CEO and co-founder of SkyRocket Media, Jeff Grover leads a rapidly-growing company with a mission of empowering the world to make better decisions by providing consumers clear, relevant and unbiased truth. Under the brand of, SkyRocket owns and operates in over 125 business and consumer categories. These online resources are instrumental in helping individuals and businesses to research, identify and choose the best company for their specific situation.

Jeff has an extensive history as a successful entrepreneur. In February of 2003, he launched his own marketing agency, Flashpoint Enterprises, which he led and grown for the next six years. He was then brought on by One On One Marketing as their profit center manager over education. Prior to starting SkyRocket, he helped One On One establish itself as the country’s premier marking and lead generation firm in the education industry.

1. How do you define success?
I define success as getting what you really want out of life. Often times, people don’t know what they want out of life, so they don’t know if they were ever successful. It’s important to be very specific in your pursuit of success so not to be chasing a moving target.

2. What is the key to success?
Define your goal and create your definition of success so that you can focus! Without a clear goal or success metric, you’ll never attain it because it doesn’t actually exist in a concrete form in your mind. That lack of focus will lead you down random paths. A laser focus on a goal gives you definiteness and simplicity in decision making. Everything is either supporting your success goal(s) or it isn’t. So you can easily say no to everything that doesn’t support your goals.

3. Did you always know you would be successful?
More or less, I’ve always believed, since being a small boy, that I could do great things. In fact, if I’m honest with myself, I have already had all of my dreams come true, but I’ve consciously raised the bar on myself because I’m still learning and I want to have a much larger, positive impact in this world.

4. When faced with adversity, what pushes you to keep moving forward?
I’ve developed an unnatural ability to see problems as learning opportunities to grow and become better. This has been a major key to my success so far.

5. What is the greatest lesson you’ve ever learned?
Failure is never as bad as you think it’s going to be. More or less from my perspective, the price of success is a series of failures.

6. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
There is no such thing as “spare” time because that implies there is time when there isn’t something to do. When I’m not working at SkyRocket, I love spending time with family, reading, thinking, and working out.

7. What makes a great leader?
A deep sense of love for your organization’s cause, and a deep sense of concern for the wellbeing of everyone involved in supporting the cause with you.

8. What advice would you give to college students about entering the workforce?
Your degree alone will not make you successful. You can never say to your boss, “I failed that assignment, but look, I have a degree.” Your degree is, at best, a foundation of knowledge and theory that gives you a starting point. In the real world, especially in bleeding-edge technology, your value is directly connected to your ability to identify and create solutions to problems within the company and create solutions, where others only saw briers and thorns.

This interview is an excerpt from Never Give Up by Jason Navallo.