Ryan Margolin – CEO, Professional Hair Labs

Ryan Margolin is the president and CEO of Professional Hair Labs and owner of iPhixx, an ACiT-certified repair center and digital marketing consultant based in Ireland. Hailing from New Jersey, his aptitude for creativity and avid interest in business began early on.

As a dedicated CEO, Ryan’s decision-making revolves around solutions, not just implementation. He ensures that he applies the best possible strategies, so a direct return on investment (ROI) will be the final outcome every single time. It is this very mindset that sets him apart from other professionals in the marketing industry.

Throughout the span of nearly a decade, Ryan has acquired extensive expertise in the marketing field and has held a multitude of leadership positions. During his time with Professional Hair Labs, he has helped achieve a 1271% company growth, landing Professional Hair Labs on the Inc. 500.

Ryan’s primary specialties lie in Lead Generation Automation, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), CRO (Conversion Rate Optimization), and Inbound Marketing. He also has a knack for Project Management, Brand Development, Creative Directions, Google Analytics, and more.

Additionally, Ryan holds a Master’s & Postgraduate Degree in Digital Marketing from the Digital Marketing Institute in Ireland.

Tell us about the early days of Professional Hair Labs.

The early days of Professional Hair Labs were spent allocating all of our resources into producing a high quality cosmetic bonding adhesive for the hair replacement industry, that was not only safe and effective to use, but provided an alternative that was not chemical-based. The hair replacement industry has been rife for years with products which contain chemicals such as Xylene, Hexane, and Toluene. These are chemicals being used to formulate products by our competitors that people are using on their skin.

For many years, Professional Hair Labs strived to create the best bonding adhesive on the marketplace, and in 2009, we did just that. Using our base formulation which we had for many years prior to 2009, we were finally able to obtain the adhesion technology to give our formulation the missing piece to the puzzle. This is where Ghost Bond was incepted.

Since 2009, Ghost Bond and the Ghost Range have revolutionized the hair replacement industry.

At the beginning, it was very challenging. This was due to a lack of education in the industry on just how dangerous the current products were that were being used. Over time, once we launched our new Ghost Bond adhesive, education was key in the growth of our company. The wheels didn’t really start turning until 2016. Education, combined with a solid digital campaign, allowed us to grow our brand and get it in front of the right customers and show the difference our product could make.

Since 2016, we have become the global leader in cosmetic bonding and are the leading private label manufacturer for the hair and beauty industry for adhesives. We currently have our US headquarters located in Florida and our EU headquarters located in Ireland, which is our global distribution hub. With this rapid growth, we did experience many challenges. Fulfillment times fell behind, fulfillment lines could not keep up with the volume of orders, we had to make quick changes, and pivot very fast. We reinvested and purchased a 10,000 sq ft facility in Ireland and built two 17,500 sq ft warehouse and offices in Florida, where we are opening our new training and education center.

The one thing we attribute to our successes over the past few years is that we have always put people first: employees and customers. We have built a culture we are proud of and we will continue to do so as we progress to the next phase of our growth.