Ross Hudgens – Founder & CEO, Siege Media

Ross Hudgens is the founder and CEO of Siege Media, a content marketing agency specializing in SEO. Siege Media is a 75-person company with offices in San Diego, Austin, and New York City. They made the Inc. 5000 in each of the past three years.

Tell us about the early days of Siege Media.

I started Siege Media because I had built a personal brand and was able to slowly attract more and more clients to the business while working in-house.

It actually wasn’t that hard because I had already attracted a few clients on the side and because of that, knew that if I announced I was consulting full-time, could attract more. That worked and I immediately had a few people reach out to start consulting with me.

We moved to San Diego because I had friends down there and it also seemed like a good city for an agency, then slowly grew the business through good work and continual inbound marketing. We now have offices in Austin and New York City.

As we’ve grown, I’ve been able to keep our inbound marketing up through use of our San Diego-based video production department which does a lot of great videos for us and helps get the word out. This has made for a time-efficient process so I can still focus on the business while also showing what we can do content creation, quality-wise.

What are some of your favorite books?

The Hard Thing About Hard Things is a great book. I particularly like the audiobook — it’s entertaining and inspiring given all Ben went through growing a large, public company and eventually selling it.

Setting the Table by Danny Meyer is another one of my favorites. Danny’s a restaurateur and a famous one. It’s mostly about customer service and has some clear parables to agencies/service businesses, which I think is definitely worth a listen.