Terry Hedden – Co-Founder & CEO, Marketopia

Terry Hedden is the co-founder and CEO of Marketopia, the premier full-service marketing and lead generation agency for the IT channel. Headquartered in Clearwater, Florida, Marketopia services clients ranging from technology service providers like MSPs, VARs, and CSPs to industry-leading software, hardware, and cloud vendors like SAP, Apple, Panasonic, LogicMonitor, and ConnectWise. The agency leverages enterprise-class technology, US-based outbound sales, real-world channel marketing experience, and deep industry relationships to help its clients enter new markets, create a powerful digital presence, build robust pipelines, strengthen partnerships, and accelerate results.

Terry’s deep understanding of the challenges and needs of MSPs and VARs began in 2003 when he left a lucrative career in management consulting to start Infinity Technology Solutions – a leading IT service provider with operations throughout Florida and Georgia. Infinity provided a complete technology offering including hardware and software solutions, managed and outsourced IT services, cloud solutions, backup and recovery, VoIP services and more – for hundreds of businesses. He led Infinity to success, transforming a $24,500 investment into one of the nation’s fastest-growing and most successful managed IT firms before selling the company to Zeno Office Solutions in 2012.

Terry is also the co-founder of 4u2grow, an educational division of Marketopia, developed to empower technology services companies with training, tools, and inspiration to get the leads they need, the sales they want, and the profits they dream about. 4u2grow holds one-day training events throughout the country as part of its Roadshow series, as well as in conjunction with major industry events. Additionally, 4u2grow hosts a two-day annual event in sunny Florida where attendees can learn from industry thought leaders and network in a casual, relaxed environment.

Terry enjoys giving back to the technology industry by doing more than 40 speaking engagements a year and consulting with firms on topics ranging from cloud computing and managed IT services to marketing best practices and entrepreneurship. He is a dedicated family man who runs his life based on Christian principles. He holds a bachelor’s degree in management information systems and an MBA from the University of Florida.

Tell us about the early days of Marketopia.

Marketopia launched five years ago to provide sales and marketing solutions to help technology firms grow and thrive. We clearly tapped into a huge need as traction was instant. The hardest part has been managing growth, really. We had to hire fast, evolve our products on the move, and ensure our office space was sufficient for our growing team.

We have developed a very strong HR organization that leverages an amazing recruiting ability, sound HR practices, and a corporate chaplain to attract and retain some amazing people. We are able to hire talented people fast and respond to client needs very quickly. It is empowering for the sales team to have the ability to scale like that.

Our products have evolved and matured as we have grown as well. Our success at the SMB level has attracted many mid-market and enterprise firms that face similar challenges. That required us to add higher-level talent to our team, create products larger firms demand, and frankly evolve our client success team to offer more strategic-level guidance. We are stronger than ever and frankly have proven capable of supporting the largest tech firms in the world with many on the Fortune 500 rankings while still offering services and pricing models at a price point even tiny firms can afford. It hasn’t been easy, but our team of ~100 folks is honestly capable of helping tech firms large and small achieve their goals.

In terms of office space, we just moved into our third home in five years. This one is capable of support our growth to 300 professionals with 23,000 square feet of amazing office space. We converted a 75 year old warehouse into chic class A and our team just loves it. They are happier at work, performing better, and our clients have simply been amazed at the surge in performance and capability to scale.

What are some of your favorite books?

To be completely honest, I am not a huge reader of books. I am reading What the Heck is EOS? now as we are implementing Traction. That is simply an amazing system to run a growing business with. I am also reading Topgrading right now as you can simply never have enough A players. In addition to that, I enjoy reading online materials from Inc. Magazine, Forbes, and of course, the many articles and blogs distributed on social media.