Richard & Lawrence Lamondin – Co-Founders, EcoSystems

We’re Richard and Lawrence Lamondin, co-founders of EcoSystems, a water and energy conservation firm. Our turnkey process provides property owners with solutions that promote smarter, more efficient uses of water and energy, and empower people and businesses by eliminating waste and cutting costs. In a matter of weeks, EcoSystems designs, organizes, and implements the most socially- and financially-impactful programs a property can undertake.

EcoSystems recently ranked #75 on the 2019 Inc. 5000 and was recognized as the second fastest-growing company in Florida.

Tell us about the early days of EcoSystems.

We grew up spending our summers in sunny South Florida, and our love for the planet started at a young age because most of our fond childhood memories took place outdoors.

Early on in our careers, hoping to pair our passion for the environment with our real estate background, we partnered to create a consultancy focused on guiding property owners to make improvements that had a positive impact on the environment. It didn’t take long to realize the scale of water being wasted, and we consistently failed to find firms that provided quality services in the water efficiency space. So we rolled up our sleeves, put together $5,000, and bootstrapped EcoSystems in 2012.

The inspiration has been and continues to be our passion for educating people that conservation is not just good for the environment – it’s also good for business. Today, everything we do is still centered around that belief.

How hard was it to gain traction?

Our first big break was a contract with a University of Miami alumnus, where Lawrence went to school. He was in Lawrence’s graduating class and gave us access to two-thirds of one of his buildings to enable us to show proof of concept. Once the project was completed, we ended up saving him a significant amount of money. We still work with that company today. The success of this project opened up the doors to some of the nation’s largest multifamily owners and operators.

Because we seized this opportunity early on, we attribute this project as the biggest driver of our early growth. Though early on we still maintained side hustles to keep our doors open, ultimately this allowed us to identify a strong market fit and build the systems that enabled us to scale our impact.

What have you accomplished so far today?

Today, EcoSystems designs and implements programs that have saved over two billion gallons of freshwater and $15 million in utility costs. Here’s a snapshot of accomplishments that have contributed to these savings:

A retrofit project that spanned 23 properties totaling 12,668 bathrooms in 8,615 units; our work will save close to 176 million gallons of water and $1.2 million annually. This project boasts the most extensive continuous water conservation retrofit in history.

Secured Atlanta’s largest multifamily water conservation rebate – $117,000.

In 2019, we brought on R.J. Mastic as Vice President of Sales. With this addition to the team, EcoSystems officially acquired Mastic’s Denver, CO-based sustainability business, absorbing the clientele and welcoming his vast energy expertise to continue to grow the business and evolve our conservation offerings.

Our positive impact continues to amplify as we scale. It is a strong example of what is possible when solutions are designed so that everyone wins. Ecosystems has defied the odds by growing from its humble bootstrapped origins and continuing to innovate into the leading company of its kind nationally.