Jamie Giovinazzo – Founder & President, Eat Clean Bro

My name is Jamie Giovinazzo, and I am the president and founder of Eat Clean Bro. I have been in business since 2013 after multiple failures in building my business. I started Eat Clean Bro with $300 and a dream of giving my customers the best options for the best prices. One of my biggest accomplishments to-date is being a Forbes-featured entrepreneur. I am the proud husband to my wife, Kayla, and father of my amazing one-year-old son, Giorgio, with another beautiful baby on the way. I have learned that anything is possible when you follow your dreams.

Tell us about the early days of Eat Clean Bro.

I have always loved food and the food preparation process. As I was growing up, I combined my love for food with my love of fitness. I started bodybuilding as a teenager, and I discovered how important it was to “eat clean.” Having the right nutrition and diet transformed my body and I was fascinated with the way it made me look and feel.

Thirteen years ago, while I was changing in the locker room at the gym, a stranger complimented me and asked me what I ate. I very simply replied with “grilled chicken, sweet potatoes, and broccoli, bro!” What he asked me next changed the course of my life. He asked if I could cook meals for him as well. Just like that, at 19 years old, with zero business experience, I began working as the owner of my own food business. Within two weeks, everyone in his office was ordering my meals. I began to see the demand for clean, prepared meals. What was even more interesting to me was that people who wanted healthy options just simply did not have time to cook and meal prep. A lot of my customers were just busy people looking for something healthy, but more importantly, easy.

I was putting my whole heart and soul into my business. The next few years were filled with more hardships than I could have imagined. After two months, I was kicked out of my parent’s kitchen, and I went out of business. I went out of business several times, which prompted me to look for a “real job,” which was met with several rejections. My discouragement reached an all-time high when my childhood home was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. I made a promise to myself that I would be able to help my family through hardships. I made a promise that I would change. Failure was not an option anymore and I was willing to do whatever it took to be successful. This promise was made on January 1, 2013. A week later, it all came to fruition.

I received a call a week later from the same friend who originally asked me to prepare his meals thirteen years ago. He asked if I was still in business. The opportunity was there, so I lied and told him I was. It was my last $300 from bartending and my dream that brought me to ShopRite to buy what I needed. I sold 82 meals my first week. I scrubbed every single pot and pan like it was my last alternative. This went far beyond money for me, so I made sure every single customer had a positive experience. I wanted to give people options to better themselves and to make them feel as good as I did when I was bodybuilding. That dream has led me to where I am today. I now have over 100 employees who help me with the tens of thousands of meals we make a week, a second kitchen in Atlanta, an option to ship meals via UPS, and the first standalone Eat Clean Bro store. All of this has made me realize anything is possible when you follow your dreams.