Royce Gomez – CEO, RoyceTalks

Royce Gomez, CEO of RoyceTalks, knows what it’s like to have wealth and assets and knows what it’s like to start from the bottom. She has spent more than 25 years as a serial entrepreneur in a variety of verticals, and today coaches entrepreneurs who want to scale sustainably. Royce resides in Colorado with her husband and three dogs. She enjoys hiking, kayaking, wine tasting, traveling, and seeing her adult children as often as possible.

Her love of strategic planning and marketing have married beautifully to create a thriving, international business that allow her to travel and enjoy her hobbies.

Tell us about one of the toughest periods of your life.

In 2006, Royce was on top of the world. She owned 29 investment properties, was spending time with her children, homeschooling, and enjoying hobbies as a family. The family had the quintessential Colorado lifestyle with horses, dogs, a hobby ranch, and the SUV, but in 2008, when the Great Recession hit, Royce lost everything. With tenants out of a job, there were multiple mortgages to pay, and cash was spread too thin.

Royce had also taken literal falls. Having been thrown from horses several times, she had permanent neck injuries and concussions that had their effect on memory loss.

Her horse business was taking its toll on her body and her finances. She made changes that required her to be less involved with horses to save what could be salvaged for the family. Opportunity presented itself over 1,000 miles away, and the family relocated to Florida. Royce got a job and spent the next few years rebuilding.

Hitting Rock Bottom

A few years after arriving in Florida, and working hard to rebuild, the second fall happened. This time, it sent Royce spiraling until hitting rock bottom. She had left her job to go full-time into entrepreneurship again; she was starting to build momentum when a divorce came along.

Royce left a marriage of 23 years with nothing. No job, no health insurance, and no savings. The only thing she had left was the responsibility of her 18 year old who wasn’t ready to enter the world on her own as an adult, and the family dog. There were days she got up only to show her kids she could set the example. She wanted them to see “it’s not what happens to you; it’s how you handle it.” This was Royce’s motivation for the next few years.

During this time of rebuilding, it was also a time of blessing, learning, and expanding her circle of influence. There were times, 31 weeks out of the first year to be exact, Royce didn’t have the money to pay rent. She sublet the apartment and used couchsurfing and Airbnb to keep a roof over her head. She would’ve been homeless if it weren’t for the generosity of friends at times. The time Royce traveled, however, opened up numerous opportunities for personal and professional growth. She was invited to Costa Rica to cover a social enterprise story, was introduced to a gal in Sicily who is now a lifelong friend, and so much more Royce covered these amazing vignettes in a book, The Spontaneous Journey.

The Climb

This time was a blessing in disguise, and a time she will never forget. After three years of toiling, Royce had built a 6-figure business coaching and copywriting. Her clients expand far and wide, having coached more than 200 startups, mentored at numerous Startup Weekends and business incubators, and using what she learned from The Spontaneous Journey to build her business. Royce has written copy for startups, nonprofits, and national brands like Calvin Klein, Berkshire Hathaway, and others.

Because of Royce’s dogged determination and business acumen, she was given the opportunity to grow an insurance agency that had faltered and gone through numerous owners in a short period. Royce successfully grew the agency 11% in a year before handing it off to someone who loved the industry.

Today, Royce is blessed to live a life where she is not in survival mode, but thriving. Thriving spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially. She spends her days investing into the lives of entrepreneurs who are giving their all for their dream. Her perspective changed two years ago, from a coach to a partner. Royce considers herself a partner in their success, and understands she is a teammate. Their success is her success. This mindset shift has propelled her business forward with hyperspeed.

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